Are There Deputy Gangs at LASD?

As Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s reelection campaign heats up, critics have accused his agency of harboring what they call “deputy gangs.” Is this shocking accusation true?More

The Minneapolis 8

Eight Minneapolis residents stopped the City Council from defunding the police. How did it happen?More

The Route

How does contraband get into prison: the most controlled environment in the state?More

Attempt and Conspiracy

In California, the punishment for conspiracy is the same as the the punishment for the target crime. If two men conspire to do a robbery, the punishment for the conspiracy is the same as the punishment for robbery. The conspirators get the full punishment even if they don’t complete the robbery itself. Merely making one…More

Daunte Wright Shows Why Resisting Arrest Is Bad

Everyone can agree that officers should not accidentally fire their pistols when they intend to use their tasers. But there is wide disagreement over how much blame is shared by the civilian for the use of force. The killing of Daunte Wright shows that some downplay or even omit the civilians actions altogether. Resisting arrest…More

Chris Darden on Race and Prosecution

Race is a controversial topic, especially today, but those of us in criminal prosecution cannot ignore it. I began reading Christopher Darden’s In Contempt, to get a look at how he conducted the OJ Simpson trial. Although I haven’t finished it yet, or even got to the portion of the book discussing the trial, I…More


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