The O.J. Simpson Trial

Marcia Clark is a frustrated project manager with a fascinating personal history. She becomes more and more sympathetic the more I know about her. For example, she recently discussed her rape with The Hollywood Reporter. I can’t imagine how that must have affected her as a prosecutor. In that same article she discusses he last meeting with Simpson. “He was walking toward his area of the cafeteria, which was kind of cordoned off for him,” she recalls. “And as he passed by, he looked at me and said, ‘Ms. Clark.’ And I said, ‘Mr. Simpson.’ That’s it.”

Christopher Darden’s book on the trial is one of the most personal I’ve read. His views on race as a prosecutor are worth reading, no matter what your background. Darden conducted a mock cross examination of Det. Mark Fuhrman during trial preparation. Someone leaked the mock cross to Newsweek.

Jeffrey Toobin outed Mark Fuhrman’s use of racial slurs in An Incendiary Defense, an article for the New Yorker. Marcia Clark found out about it when they asked Fuhrman for an interview: she was totally blindsided.