Lunch in the Wild West

A few months after finishing my first attempted murder I was sitting around another courtroom waiting for my case to be called.  I watched another DA give a closing argument in a murder case.  The funny thing was; the murder took place in the same alley as my attempted murder.  The exact same alley!  Right behind the local diner.  I spoke briefly to the prosecutor, who told me that his case went down a few months before mine did.  He blames the violence on a bar that empties into the alley, a notorious bar where gangsters hang out.  My case, however, was more about domestic violence than drunken gangsters.

I was shocked.  I felt like these two cases gave me a window into the volume and frequency of violence in the communities that we serve.  It’s a very different situation from where most of us live.  The alley in question is so pockmarked with bullet strikes that it resembles the Wild West.

I went back to my office and told the story to a couple of coworkers.  They seemed to find it interesting, but not too interesting.  The discussion turned to where to go to lunch.  Before I could even jump in, the choice was unanimous: the local diner.

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