Criminals “Aren’t Worried” About Gascon

Another excellent find by LA Courtfidential on Twitter. Here’s an excerpt from a police report. The officer informs the suspect that they found narcotics. The suspect replies, “Yeah but sales is a cite out now anyways right?” He said, “he knew the new district attorney of Los Angeles was no longer prosecuting most crimes so he stated he “wasn’t worried.”

In other Twitter news, Gascon apparently got mad about his coverage in a local Los Angeles legal paper, the Metropolitan News-Enterprise. He canceled the subscription after 24 years.

Twitter also correctly pointed out that the website looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1996. LA prosecutors reading this news has to wonder about how thin-skinned their new boss is. If he’s willing to cancel a newspaper, what will he do to a deputy that gets him angry?

Gascon ally Mario Trujillo is making news with his Facebook and Instagram posts.

Here’s another problematic one:

Mario’s views seems to be evolving rapidly. Here he is advocating for the death penalty:

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